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Emotional Literacy: Unlocking the SECRETS to Emotional Intelligence.

Emotions as a System: Emotional Literacy (EL) is the term that describes the skills that create Emotional Intelligence (EI).

EL is the NEW EI !

EL is skills based whereas EI is an assessment of an outcome not the behaviours that created that outcome. So, most EI tests assess traits not the behaviours (the behavioural competencies) that "created" those attribute assessments. There is only one competency model of EL based on the psychology of emotions which transforms emotions into behaviours based on values and ethical frameworks. This is the EL model developed by Dr. Leigh Kibby

EL can build EI and foster ethical and values-driven behaviours especially during EMOTIONS TRIGGERING EVENTS and CHANGE.


Dr. Kibby, has used a "Systems Thinking" approach to EL and EI to help people better understand emotions, their own and others. The Systems approach is a significant leap forward in understanding the application of EL and EI and this breakthrough builds on Dr. Kibby's development of the world's first emotions managment continuum which describes EL and EI abilities ranging from Austism Spectrum Disorder through Emotional Intelligence to Charismatic Leadership.

EL is the "very specific" interaction and interpersonal skills that build emotionally intelligent leadership, emotionally intelligent people, emotionally intelligent teams and emotionally intelligent organisations.

EL skills developed by Leigh Kibby are the only known language-based competencies based on the psychology of emotions  that foster and encourage both EL and EI.

Applying a systems lense to organisational behaviour and culture offers leadership a new opportunity to build a culture of passionate commitment and corporate organisational citizenship.

Dr.Kibby can present the EL model and "Emotions as Systems" in free briefing sessions for your organisation. For Australia wide and international presentations travel fees are involved but presentations can also be conducted via SKYPE. To learn more, simply email Dr. Kibby at




Here's links to LinkedIn articles I have published. Simply use the links below. If they do not work, you might have to cut and paste theaddresses into your browser:


Change Management: Why and What using Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy and Sales

HR and Emotional Literacy: From Human Resources to Human Beings

Coaching, Mentoring and Emotional Literacy

Engagement and Culture using Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy for Sales and Marketing

Customers LOVING your Contact Centre

Health and Safety (HaS): The Emotional Literacy Equation

There are also key EL skills for:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • HR Leaders
  • Customer engagement
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Contact Centres
  • Info Technology Teams
  • EL-Coaching
  • EL-Mentoring
  • Staff engagement and
  • Cultural Change


Available NOW!!!




Described as "better than monopoly" this great game is FREE as one of Dr. Leigh Kibby's Good Pledges. All instructions and materials are included in this powerpoint file, all you need is dice.

If you enjoy the game, we ask only that you do two things:

1.Donate five dollars to a local charity of your choice and
2.Send copies of the game to ten other people.

If you do these two things, by the time the game is passed onto “six degrees of separation,” Share Market Investor will have helped in donating over $5 million to charities.



Kinematic is proud to be supporting Good Pledge and the principles of Good Pledge. Good Pledge messages and material are freely available as are the Good Pledge games that can be downloaded.

Kinematic is providing this service free as one of its Good Pledge commitments.

Click here or on the highlighted text above or go to Free Downloads and Press releases.



Kinematic supports this great new internet site with the unique Holistic Intelligence Test (HiT)Try today FREE at the site where your next job or employer will find you:



Dr. Kibby and Kinematic are offering a unique collection of games FREE for all uses except commercial gain. The latest is Human versus Machine, the penultimate conflict of humankind against a computer and robot dominated world and its played on a Chess board. Download the playing rules for free along with rules for many other games such as:

Simply go to "Free Downloads" then "Corporate Training Games and Other Games" and download the game of your choice. No registration is required and you can also email copies of these games to your friends and colleagues.


Corporate Chess for Beginners - corporate warfare and business development - more than MONOPOLY - THIS IS A CORPORATE CONTEST AT ITS BEST - at home or with friends




The Frontfoot Leadership Booklet of more than 40 pages of flowcharts, proformas, templates and suggestions is available FREE now. Click here, no registration is required.




Dr. Leigh Kibby's stories for children are now available for FREE. They include stories about Australian animals, stories you can personalise with your child's name and stories your child can use to create a picture book.

Go to Stories for Happiness now !



This is a revolutionary new and fun way to play chess where many pieces can move at one time - it's normal chess on steroids and presents new challenges in thinking and strategy. Basic Global War Chess introduces teaming and leadership "consequences" for your troops. Advanced versions of the game are coming soon so bookmark this page! for your copy of the game rules, CLICK HERE or on the text above or go to "Free Downloads" and then "Corporate Training Games."



MANAGEMENT TOOLS - a "how to" booklet for Managers

The Good Management Guide Booklet of more than 70 pages of flowcharts, proformas, templates and suggestions is available FREE now. Click here, no registration is required.

SALES AND MARKETING Toolkit - a "how to" of Sales and Marketing

The Frontfoot Power, Influencing and Engagement: Sales and Marketing Booklet of more than 35 pages of flowcharts, proformas, templates and suggestions is available FREE now. Click here, no registration is required.



This free step-by-step guide to quality can help you manage your business BETTER and it is free to download now. Click here or go to FREE Downloads.


Core Service Offerings



We provide confidential advice directly to you on a one-to-one basis. This service focuses on helping you become more successful at achieving change outcomes.


Executive contracting for short-term or long-term assignments will keep your operations running and improving through the change process. Contact for more details 


Kinematic provides a comprehensive change consulting service that begins with needs analysis and concludes with the evaluation of the solutions applied. Our expertise includes full utilisation of unique assessment tools.


We have a suite of training programs (full details available from the "FREE Downloads" section of this website) that accompany the change process by providing the skills teams need to "be the change.".

Kinematic Services


Kinematic specialises in the provision of unique Intellectual Property (IP) created by Dr. Leigh Kibby such as:

  • training games
  • management & leadership tools
  • assessment instruments (organisational and personal) and
  • developmental games.

There are many FREE versions of Kinematic's IP which you are welcome to use and share with others. Simply go to "Free Downloads" or travel around the website because there is much more more information available.

Assessment Tools



Free tests for:

Click on the name above OR go to "FREE Downloads" then "Tests, Tools and Techniques" and scroll through the pages.



WaR-IQ: Willpower and Resilience IQ

WaR-IQ is a major determiner of your success! Why?

  • Too much WaR and you cause Armageddon
  • Not enough WaR and you become the cheese in the Rat Race

Measure your WaR-IQ just click here OR go to "FREE Downloads" then "Tests, Tools and Techniques" and scroll through the pages.

 Other personal assessment tools are:




JC-IQ: Just Cause IQ

JC-IQ is the balance to WaR .

Being Just and having the right Cause too "fight" for is crucial to happiness. So, you need to know your JC-IQ!

The JC-IQ test is the complementary test to WaR-IQ and will be available here FREE soon!

 Leadership Development Needs Assessment - a tool for assessing what leaders most need to develop within themselves in order to be leaders of the future. The test includes the development planner and portfolio learning tools so that leaders can track and share their development with coaches and mentors.

The New Emotional Intelligence - Affective-Cognitive Integration Indicator -: a skills based test focusing on emotions management and "type'" indication of your propensity - developmental model for EI

The Personal Development Needs Assessor - this tool helps you assess you developmental needs for counselling and/or coaching. THE TEST IS NO SUBSITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL ADVICE and is a guide only.

Emotional Agility Quotient - a test of ability to move through emotions rather than remaining "stuck"

Project Manager Needs Assessor - a tool for assessing what PMs most need to develop within themselves in order to be leaders of the future. The test includes the development planner and portfolio learning tools so that PMs can track and share their development with coaches and mentors.

Organisational Development Needs Asses sor - what does your organisation MOST need NOW. This tool helps you find out.

Task-Culture Needs Assessor - this is part of the Org Development Needs Assessor which can also be customised to your sepcific workplace.

Passion-Purpose Needs Assessor - find out if your people are "turned on" and "tuned in" to what needs to happen.

ALL tests are based on Noetic Psychology and so provide a unique window into you or your organisation. The tests are available only from Kinematic and are user friendly and quick to complete.

Kinematic can also help you with actions to address the needs these tests help you identify. For organisations, we provide extensive consulting and development. For individuals we can provide tools like the De-Stress Book and help in the form of 1-2-1 meeting in person or on-line using tools like MSN Messenger with videocam.
The Kinematic Difference

Attitude is the KEY to performance and feelings (emotions) and thinking (intelligence) control attitude. At Kinematic, we developed Noetic Psychology a model of awareness, understanding and insight that facilitates behavioural change based on theory and hard won results running in business. So, the difference is that Kinematic teaches real emotional intelligence ... and it works!!!

We have trademarked our programs Neuro-Empathic Programming (NEP) - Neuro for mind, Empathic for emotions.

READ OUR CLIENT COMMENTS - and more about the Difference in Kinematic Training Programs and below

Noetic Psychology


The NOETIC PSYCHOLOGY model is the world's first model of human psychology integrating emotions, intelligence and behaviour with ethics, morals and spirituality. Click here to download the paper .

Noetics comes from Noös, the Greek for spirit, hence the term Noetic Psychology.

Noetic Psychology is the capacity to create optimum performance and satisfaction by instilling a sense of spirit and meaning through values.

It is this use of values that substantially differentiates Kinematic from other companies. Whereas other talk about Emotional Intelligence and Behavioural Change, we deliver results that manage emotions and behaviours ethically. In fact, our model of EI is the only one in the world that we know about to include values.

We have converted theory and research into practice:

  • in the corporate arena
  • with small businesses
  • with the long-term unemployed and
  • with youth.
Few others could claim this depth of experience and application of solutions. Additionally, our research and approaches have been presented to prestigious international forums.

For more information read some of our presentations and  papers/articles .

Psychological Genome based Psychotherapy Dr. Kibby's breakthrough thinking in the field of psychotherapy and counseling is described in this PRESS RELEASE which explains the concept behind Psychotherapy based on understanding a person's Psychological Genome - the Psychological Genome is model to explain the psychological  structures that govern behaviour much the same was as genes create our biological make-up.