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Attitude is the KEY to performance and feelings (emotions) and thinking (intelligence) control attitude. At Kinematic, we developed Noetic Psychology a model of awareness, understanding and insight that facilitates behavioural change based on theory and hard won results running in business. So, the difference is that Kinematic teaches real emotional intelligence ... and it works!!!

We have trademarked our programs Neuro-Empathic Programming (NEP) - Neuro for mind, Empathic for emotions.

READ OUR CLIENT COMMENTS - and more about the Difference in Kinematic Training Programs and below

Client Comments

Here are some comments from participants of Kinematic training programs:

  • A senior IT manager" "Nothing else has helped me so much...,"
  • A Senior Executive on a Noetic Leadership and Teaming program, “Nothing else has been this impactful to me professionally nor personally,”
  • A Manager, “Dr.Kibby is Australia’s Dr. Phil”
  • From a GP Educator i.e. trained of GP training others of over 20 years experience (a GP is equivalent to a family physician...a Doctor also qualified by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners): "Wow, this is the most respectful technique I have ever used....."
  • A statement from a senior teacher in a high school who was very well respected, promoted and a leader in the region, the context was that this teacher was helping me train others in the ERA technique: "After 22 years of teaching, I finally have an understanding of kids ...."
  • From a teacher where we were running an intervention program to address violence in a particular group of year 10 (15-16 years) boys assisted by two male staff: "I can't believe what's happening, these boys are beginning to talk to me..."
  • From the wife of a senior executive two months after teaching him the ERA technique in a workplace Mentoring context: "What have you done to my husband, he is starting to talk to me and listen to me?" My comment, "Are you happy with this?” Her reply, "I am delighted!”
  • A Senior Executive, "This work has changed they way we achieve results to including much better ways to harness the power and talent of our people."
  • An Executive, "Dr.Kibby's Noetic Leadership Model, brilliantly simple but profound, is a breakthrough and a revolution in thinking that will, I think, change the world of business for the better."
Feel free to email me - -  and we will provide you with information that can help you better understand what we offer. This process can help you clarify what you want which can be the basis upon which you select the most appropriate company to help you. If you request it, we will also send the full list of our key services or you can download them yourself from the "downloads" section of this website.

Kinematic SIMs are different to other simulations and training games in that:

·         They utilise human interaction through:

o        participants and

o        the facilitator

·         Use specially trained and accredited facilitators

·         Build insight and self-awareness through:

o        specific tools within the program

o        specific techniques used by facilitators

o        the program structure and design itself and

o        the facilitated interaction processes

·         Are based on an ethical and moral charter which is:

o        built into the program and

o        is agreed by facilitators

·         Use multiple intelligences such as:

o        Emotional intelligence

o        Social Intelligence

o        Interpersonal Intelligence and

o        Self-actualising Intelligence

·         Utilise VAT - the three major learning modalities which cannot be utilised through computer based games or simulations. These are:

o        Visual

o        Auditory and

o        Tactile

·         Link personal, professional and organisation development to:

o        The insights and learnings developed through the programs

o        Personal Ethics

o        Professional and Life Purpose

o        Organisational Purpose and Values and

o        Targeted, measurable outcomes

·         The programs are:

o        Insightful

o        Challenging and

                        o        FUN!