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Emotional Literacy: Unlocking the SECRETS to Emotional Intelligence.

Emotions as a System: Emotional Literacy (EL) is the term that describes the skills that create Emotional Intelligence (EI).

EL is the NEW EI !

EL is skills based whereas EI is an assessment of an outcome not the behaviours that created that outcome. So, most EI tests assess traits not the behaviours (the behavioural competencies) that "created" those attribute assessments. There is only one competency model of EL based on the psychology of emotions which transforms emotions into behaviours based on values and ethical frameworks. This is the EL model developed by Dr. Leigh Kibby

EL can build EI and foster ethical and values-driven behaviours especially during EMOTIONS TRIGGERING EVENTS and CHANGE.


Dr. Kibby, has used a "Systems Thinking" approach to EL and EI to help people better understand emotions, their own and others. The Systems approach is a significant leap forward in understanding the application of EL and EI and this breakthrough builds on Dr. Kibby's development of the world's first emotions managment continuum which describes EL and EI abilities ranging from Austism Spectrum Disorder through Emotional Intelligence to Charismatic Leadership.

EL is the "very specific" interaction and interpersonal skills that build emotionally intelligent leadership, emotionally intelligent people, emotionally intelligent teams and emotionally intelligent organisations.

EL skills developed by Leigh Kibby are the only known language-based competencies based on the psychology of emotions  that foster and encourage both EL and EI.

Applying a systems lense to organisational behaviour and culture offers leadership a new opportunity to build a culture of passionate commitment and corporate organisational citizenship.

Dr.Kibby can present the EL model and "Emotions as Systems" in free briefing sessions for your organisation. For Australia wide and international presentations travel fees are involved but presentations can also be conducted via SKYPE. To learn more, simply email Dr. Kibby at




Here's links to LinkedIn articles I have published. Simply use the links below. If they do not work, you might have to cut and paste theaddresses into your browser:


Change Management: Why and What using Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy and Sales

HR and Emotional Literacy: From Human Resources to Human Beings

Coaching, Mentoring and Emotional Literacy

Engagement and Culture using Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy for Sales and Marketing

Customers LOVING your Contact Centre

Health and Safety (HaS): The Emotional Literacy Equation

There are also key EL skills for:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • HR Leaders
  • Customer engagement
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Contact Centres
  • Info Technology Teams
  • EL-Coaching
  • EL-Mentoring
  • Staff engagement and
  • Cultural Change






Read the  GCW Press release outlining Dr. Kibby's model for understanding the pressures people are facing in community, at home and at work. GCW helps define a platform and perspective from which to view, and reflect upon, our lives and from there to take control and reduce the "HEAT" we all feel.

GCW is essentially a very simple model and framework with profound impacts because of the perspective it gives to raised stress and tensions we feel in our lives, in our local communities and as a global society of inter-related human beings. Managing Cultural "heat" is a specific approach to people and how they interact with their work and their colleagues.


For more information click on click  "Read more" in this box




Change Virus Theory is a breakthrough in understanding change and is based on thinking that initiated such models as the Culture Genome, Organisational DNA and the Psychological Genome.


The SOCIAL CAPITAL EQUATION is capturing attention worldwide as a unique and powerful tool for assessing staff engagement and leadership charisma. Quick and easy to use this SCE provides a single measure of your Organisation's, or team's, SOCIAL CLIMATE. Click on the link to read more.




The DE-STRESS BOOK. Download it for free Now

The HAPPINESS QUOTIENT - test is available for free NOW. Use this test and measure your results on the "Happiness Wheel of Life."



This FREE document contains Career-Life Planning tools and templates . Use the templates to answer important life and career questions and develop the direction, goals and capabilities you want and need for success. Click here to download - No registration required.





Read the  GCW Press release outlining Dr. Kibby's model for understanding the pressures people are facing in community, at home and at work. GCW helps define a platform and perspective from which to view, and reflect upon, our lives and from there to take control and reduce the "HEAT" we all feel.

GCW is essentially a very simple model and framework with profound impacts because of the perspective it gives to raised stress and tensions we feel in our lives, in our local communities and as a global society of inter-related human beings. "Our humanity unites us," states Dr. Kibby and "in that humanity we share our joys and sorrows."

GCW provdes a perspective from which we can reflect upon our experiences and through which we can unite with shared understandings. The sorrow identified by GCW can lead to action by which we can overcome sadness and discover pathways to joy. Our sadness being common in essence but diverse in expression because of the enculturated behaviours through which we express our lives as physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual beings.

"We will have culturally relevant expressions, conduct and behaviour which reflects the communities in which we live but we are alike in terms of stresses, tensions and pain we might feel as persons and as communities," states Dr. Kibby. "This means that, according to the GCW perspective, we are both disparate and separate but also united! Disparate in how we deal with life as individuals and communities because we live by the rules and codes of conduct of our communities," says Dr. Kibby, "but united in Emotional and Spiritual Tone (EST) because we all are experiencing the phenomenon of GCW and together can reduce the social heat we feel."


Systems Thinking (SysT) is "process management on steroids" and provides a new view of how your organisation, its people and processes work together to deliver outcomes.

SysT is becoming an increasingly important capability for organisations which want to flourish in challenging times.
Before SysT, LEAN, DMAIC and Process Re-engineering were the "centre of the universe" for continuous improvement. Now, SysT provides a more comprehensive and global view of your organisation and its capability with service delivery, the evolution of its services and value exchanges i.e customers paying for products and services.
SysT can be developed through coaching, training, in-situ problem resolution and High Impact "Koaching" Events - HIKEs.
For more information on SysT email Dr. Leigh Kibby at or


Safety and People

Behavioural Risk Management
Sales and Marketing
Business and IT
Information Management
Organisational Change Management
Problem Management
Incident Management
Staff engagement and



Flow (work flow; supply flow; performance flow)
Bubble Theory – Globe Models
Field effect
Intrinsic nature
Solar Systems, Universes and Galaxies
Boundary Theory and



Organisations need to protect their people, processes, systems and services.
Issues that pose risks need to be mitigated, removed and prevented before they happen.
Systems based Security Capabilities and Thinking (SeCT) can help prevent security problems form manifesting and can assist improve security so that there are fewer systemic risks and threats and stronger security and risk management.
SeCT maturity can be assessed using the SeCT Maturity Assessment tool and improvements to security management can be implemented based on SeCT insights and ideas.
It is important to note that SeCT provides a global view of Security and includes the Socio-Political dimensions that are associated with security management and so SeCT is not isolated from the social context in the broader community.

For more information on SeCT email Dr. Leigh Kibby at or

SeCT also includes a very specific approach to Threat Assessments which are described below.



Kinematic can provide a comprehensive Threat Assessment and Identification capability for your organisation based on the latest news and well proven threat management practices from the 1980s.

Protective security ought be designed around the threat posed and the vulnerability of the "threatened" domain such as people, knowledge and IP, equipment and buildings etc. So, the first step is know the threat.

In the 1980s Leigh Kibby led Australia wide, Commonwealth government committees dealing with threat management and assessing the threat to Australian assets at home and around the world.

The threat management service provided by Leigh Kibby and Kinematic can be a "stand alone" service completely provided by Kinematic or you can opt for a more integrated approach which would include establishing, and managing, your internal threat management capability under the auspice of a Threat Identification Group/Committee. Kinematic can provide guidance, and practical support, for such a committee in your organisation.

All threat management services includes access to the copyrighted approach known as the TIP (Threat Identification Plan) and other copyrighted tools and methodologies such as the:

  • Threat Assessment Evaluation Tool
  • AIM (Asset Identification Map -for prioritising protective measures)
  • HARM (Human Asset Risk Management)
  • LiST (Logistic Systems Threats) and
  • KIT (Knowledge Identification Tool).

Kinematic can also help you "stress test" your current threat management and response plan using:

  • paper analysis - reviewing your documentation
  • theoretical analysis - where you run an interactive "real-to-life" review or
  • undertaking actual responses in a real scenarios where all levels of your organisation can be involved as required.

These above activities would be undertaken under guidance from Leigh.

To establish your organisational threat management capability, or to arrange a threat management program that can be undertaken with you, contact Leigh now on   or


DEPRESSION - A Survivor's Guide

Dr. Kibby and Kinematic are supporting improved mental health in the community, and demystifying images of mental health, by publishing this interesting narrative of one sufferer's experience, and survival, of depression and bi-polar. The reflections here are poignant, occassionally witty but always insightful.

The first narrative is AVAILABLE NOW AND CAN BE DOWNLOADED from the "Free Downloads" area of the Kinematic website.




SUCCESS CHESS  - The ultimate personal development games!

Success Chess games are designed to teach you how you need to know, how you need to think and what you need to DO in order to be happier and more successful. Success Chess games are designed around personal needs and/or professional development goals.

Success Chess games currently available:

  1. Criminal Investigation Success Chess
  2. Investment Success Chess
  3. Small Business WITH YOUR SPOUSE Success Chess
  4. Project Management Success Chess
  5. Coach Success Chess
  6. Life Success Chess
  7. Coaching Success Chess
  8. Relationship Success Chess and
  9. Weight Loss Success Chess

Download is free and requires no registration nor personal details, just on the name above OR go to "FREE Downloads" then "Tests, Tools and Techniques" and click the icon of the game you want.

Life Success Chess is based on well proven principles and practices developed by Dr. Leigh Kibby (a Master Coach, qualified counselor and trainer of counselors) which have been presented to international conferences and which have also appeared in international journals and publications.





Dr. Kibby's paper on Coaching Skills that respond to emotions has now been released internationally through the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching & Mentoring click here to go to the journal or download directly from the Kinematic site by clicking here - Coaching Skills for Responding to Affect.

Click here to read Wellbeing through Responding to Affect: Core Skills and Techniques - Dr. Kibby's paper presented to the 2006 Australian Quality of Life Conference.

Click here or go to the Free Download Section - Papers and Articles.




will be available SOON! Too register your intererst email NOW

There is no obligation to buy, we will simply email you to say that the games are available and provide you with instructions on how to purchase. The games come complete with full instructions and PDF versions of the playing boards and all you need is a pair of dice.



Coming soon!!!! LEGAL CHESS - the latest version of "Kibby Chess" - the unique variations of Chess developed by Dr. Leigh Kibby. Email to register your interest in receiving the "free, play-at-home" version. Include Legal Chess in the subject heading.


Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management

Read the Press release about Dr. Kibby's breakthrough in Knowledge Management. "Organically grown knowledge management based on user needs is no longer a dream. The creation of Knowledge DNA – The Information Genome - solves the information management and business intelligence dilemma that plagues businesses and learning institutions alike..."